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Dungeons and Hero update…

This one has taken me a while to write.  It’s more complex than originally thought, and I’m still discovering it… but here goes.

With one of the latest updates, we got Hero’s and we got Dungeons.  (Wow, way to re-state everything you’ve typed again)… let’s start by going over the basics of Hero’s.

You can beeee my Hero….

Screenshot_20190524-093712_Hustle Castle.jpg

So this is my Hero, there are many like him, but this one is mine…

So the Hero adds basic additions to your team.  You upgrade your hero through running dungeons, getting ‘Constellation Tokens’ that are received in 1 of 3 categories, by trading in Ether (that you get from beating waypoints in the Dungeon).

Let’s not get too far into that yet, but speak more of Hero’s.

Hero’s get Relic’s.  The Relics are all on the right side of the screen shot above.  Here is a list of currently available relics and what they do (We’ll get more into how to get them below, in the upgrading your hero section).


The benefits of each?  Note any relics with a * are a MAIN relic.  You cannot equip more than one of these at a time.

*Jar of Acid: Reduces your enemies Physical and Magic armor to 0, for the opponents WARRIORS ONLY.  This is your basic one.  It’s the one you start with.  I don’t use it.

*Mask of the Quiet:  This one silences mages.  It’s pretty useful in PVP/Arena.  I don’t use it in the dungeon, though some people do. It can be very useful when used properly.

*Sunbeam: This one blinds archers, causing them to miss.  This is good for PVP/Arena, especially if you’re going against an archer team.

*Book of the Wind: This reduces all enemy fighters spell power and reduces their hit chance.  It’s good for PVP/Arena.  I don’t use it in dungeon.

Banner of Souls: Gives you more Dark Souls.  Useless anywhere except in portal.

Banner of Glory: Gives you more glory.  Only good for fights you get glory in (PVP, Arena).

*Corpse Kaboom: Makes corpses explode for 6k damage, damaging the corpses around.  This is good for PVP/Arena.  Especially good if you get a mob spawning boss in the dungeon.

Banner of Courage: Give your more Arena Badges (Aka Badges of Courage). Only useful in Arena.

Ace up the Sleeve: Enhances damage caused by allied fighters by 250 for each enemy they kill.  This is a good one, for obvious reasons.  Useful in longer fights, that have multiple waves of enemies.

*Ankh: Resurrects all allies with 5% of their maximum health.  I love Ankh, I personally use it always.  It’s really helpful in fights where you need longevity, as it will keep reviving your guys, and if you have rez mages paired with it, then they can revive others once they go down again, due to 5% health only once revived.

Magic Signet Ring: Every spell used by an allied Mage increases the Spell Power of ALL allied mages by 100 until end of battle.  This one is awesome.  Pretty self explanatory.

Mithril Shackles: Enemies attacking allied warrior have a 5% chance to lose their weapon for 3 seconds.  Good for obvious reasons.

Upgrading your Hero/Getting More Relics

Ok. So when you start, your hero is kind of bleh.  He only has Jar of Acid, and you go to the constellation Tab, and you see 3 pages.. Warrior Constellation, Mage Constellation and Archer Constellation.


Until you look through it, and upgrade a few.  This is going to look like a foreign language. Let me try and break it down a little better… using the Warrior Constellation as an example below..

Screenshot_20190524-101330_Hustle Castle.jpg

So, the things circled in ORANGE above are Relics.  To open these, you need certain requirements.  You need the amount of RELIC Fragments. (These are randomly earned from Boss Chests by defeating bosses in the dungeon). You need 3 relic fragments, plus the correct amount of Constellation Tokens (Which are Ether, from Dungeon fights, then traded in the store for specific tokens.. I’ll get into this more below.).

The things circled in BLUE are talents.  You need to open their associated Relic to use them.

When you open Relics, you open the talents that are off of them.  For Example, when I opened Ankh (By using 3 Ankh Relic Fragments + the required Warrior tokens) it opened Vampirism.  These talents are available, whenever your hero is in a fight with you, and are automatic.  You don’t need to do anything.  But to get Vampirism (Below) Ankh needed to be unlocked.

Screenshot_20190524-101817_Hustle Castle.jpg

Here’s an example of me not having Corpse Kaboom, and hence, not able to unlock the talent…

Screenshot_20190524-101735_Hustle Castle.jpg

Here’s what it would cost to unlock:

Screenshot_20190524-102054_Hustle Castle.jpg

How do you get all the stuff needed to unlock these?  Well.. either from Diamonds converted in the store, or from doing the dungeon and using the store.

Dungeons… more like FUNgeons…

Ok, that was a bad pun.

So the Dungeon is where you Battle waypoints, and Bosses to get Ether and Boss treasure chests. You usually have 1-3 choices of where to go next. It’s setup similar to below.  One of the 2 people is randomly assigned to lead and you choose which path to take.

Screenshot_20190521-115214_Hustle Castle.jpg

The “Spikey” guys, are bosses.  You see this at the top of the screen.  Each of these waypoints will have different fighters.  It’s similar to previous events.  One might have a wave of 3, that total 1.4 million squad power.  The other might be one team that totals 1.4 million squad power.  The only thing to be wary of, is each point has battle hindrances.  Like Resurrect might  not be available, or Warriors might have 30% less health. (Here’s an example from a boss)

Screenshot_20190521-113732_Hustle Castle.jpg

And from a regular waypoint:

Screenshot_20190524-111607_Hustle Castle.jpg

This is a hint that Tanks/Assassins won’t hit the boss as much as archers/mages.

So each fight, each player gets to bring in 2-4 fighters, and one of your Heros.. it seems random.  But you choose 8 fighters to bring with you, then each fight you choose between 2 and 4 to deploy to defeat the enemy squad, and your partner does the same.  It’s important to work together.  If all their Rez mages die, make sure you try to cover for that.

Screenshot_20190521-115208_Hustle Castle.jpg

So, after enough of these waypoints, you’ll get to a boss fight.  I think there are around 12 bosses, you randomly will get 2.  SO choose your heros and the relic wisely going into it, as you can’t change it once in.

Every fight win, you get Ether.  Every boss fight win, you get a boss chest that contains constellation tokens.  If you use a torch (think arena ticket), and you beat a boss, you get an extra chest to unlock per boss beaten.

This stuff you win in here, is then taken to the Store.

The Dungeon Store

With your Ether (or diamonds) you head to the store inside the dungeon.  You can transform your Ether into specific constellation tokens..

Screenshot_20190524-103621_Hustle Castle.jpg

Or Relic Fragments:

Screenshot_20190524-103630_Hustle Castle.jpg

Or Ether Multipliers/Torches:
Screenshot_20190524-103636_Hustle Castle.jpg

Scrolls of Resurrection are available too, to help you beat a boss if needed (I haven’t used these yet).

Or you can use diamonds to purchase a revolving random fragment, or change diamonds to ether.

Screenshot_20190524-103648_Hustle Castle.jpg

Take your new tokens and relics, and go upgrade your Hero.


There will be another post soon on dungeon bosses, and tips.


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“You can’t Hustle the Hustle” – Jango – Chests do not scale up if you buy at lower Throne Room and Open at Higher Throne Room

Screenshot_20190521-101542_Hustle Castle.jpg

So, with every offer in Hustle Castle for gear, and more specifically Chests, there’s always the thought “Can I buy this lower level package for less money, then up my throne room, and open the chest at higher rewards?” (Scaling chests)

Well, we tested that.  Jango from Belhaven Clan (the one I’m in) bought the TR6 package.  He then opened 1 Adepts chest.  All Level 35 items, one level 36 item. He had Throne Room 6, and all level 40 fighters.

He then jumped his TR(Throne Room) from 6 to 7. Opened a chest and same result.

He then boosted a fighter up to level 47, and opened a chest.  Same result.

In the end, he passed on these words of wisdom:


Soon to come – a post about heroes and Dungeons.

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Dusty Antique Artifact usage

Screenshot_20190423-104238_Hustle Castle.jpg

Dusty Antique is a new Artifact that Prevents all enemies from using artifacts for (X) seconds.

I am in the 90-100 range, so mine is for 4.5 seconds.  The activation on this isn’t the best for certain setups.  I run with 1 tank, so my tank usually dies at some point, I have rez armor and 2 rez mages, so I’m ok with this activation.  A few of my Clan mates wanted to see this in action, so I recorded 2 videos of it triggering.

I’d recommend this trigger if you have a player that dies everytime (assassin, or a 1 tank no heal build like mine).

In this Video, it triggers on my Damage mage at around 10 seconds into the video. My damage mage is the lowest mage on the screen.

In this video, it triggers at around 4 seconds in the video, when my archer dies at the beginning.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

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Throne Room Level 10 – Everything you need to know.

Screenshot_20190422-110620_Hustle Castle.jpg

I see lots of questions on things like “What does TR(X) get for XYZ?”

So I figured i’d create this for a TR10 so people have a reference.


Storage (All Fully Upgraded):

Iron: 4,500,000

Wood: 6,500,000

Mana: 900,000

Food: 600,000

Gold: 10,000,000


Room Production:

Keep in mind, not all of my rooms are fully maxed for levels yet, but gear will vary, as well as training levels.

Treasury (Level 10): 23,836 Gold Per Hour.

Dining Hall(Level 10): 67,601 Apples Per Hour.

Lumber Mill (Level 5): 15,366 Wood Per Hour.

Mana Well (Level 7): 31,976 Mana Per Hour.

Mine (Level 2): 9,467 Iron Per Hour.


Creating Gear (All Fully Upgraded):

Jewelry, Armor, and Weapons all have the same Material Costs

Uncommon: 10 Grey Shards, 135,000 Mana

Rare: 10 Green Shards, 360,000 Mana

Epic: 10 Blue Shards, 585,000 Mana

Legendary: 10 Purple Shards, 810,000 Mana


Map/Event Costs:

Clan Wars: 295,000 Apples

Arena: 90,000 Apples

Gem Bay: 250,000 Apples


Trainer Room Level Maximums:

I am still waiting on my Foundry and my Crafting Shop to finish upgrading.

Foundry(Level 2): Lvl 14 Max (Guestimate for now)

Crafting (Level 5): Lv 40 Max (Guestimate for now)

Laboratory (Level 6): Lvl 55 Max

Mint (Level 6): Lvl 55 Max

Kitchen (Level 6): Lvl 55 Max

Fighter Training Room (Level 9): Lvl 100 Max


Arena Store Costs:


Lvl 75-90 Legendary: 15,000 Arena Points

Lvl 90-100 Legendary: 25,000 Arena Points

Lvl 75-90 Epic: 9,800 Arena Points

Lvl 90-100 Epic: 16,300 Arena Points


Legendary: 15,000 Arena Points

Epic: 5,000 Arena Points

Rare: 540 Arena Points

Tournament Tickets:

x70 = 6,000 diamonds

x25 = 2,250 diamonds

x10 = 950 diamonds


Adepts: 6,850 Arena Points

Master’s Chest: 39,600 Arena Points


GemBay Store:


850 Kraken Tokens


Epic Gem: 11,000 Kraken Tokens

Rare Gem: 1,650 Kraken Tokens

Green Gem: 550 Kraken Tokens


Epic: 13,200 Kraken Tokens

Rare: 6,600 Kraken Tokens

Uncommon: 2,200 Kraken Tokens

Tournament Tickets:

x20 = 14,000

x10 = 7,700

x3= 2750


Legendary Gem Chest: 14,850 Kraken Tokens

Epic Gem Chest: 8,250 Kraken Tokens

Rare Gem Chest: 1,100 Kraken Tokens

Mythical Chest: 11,550 Kraken Tokens

Arena Bracketing: I’ve noticed players from 700k to 4.6 Million in the Arena brackets (6×100) that I’m fighting. I’d say on Average its probably around 2.8 Million from what I’ve seen, but there usually is a 3.4 Million in every one.

Portal Rewards Costs:

Rare anything: 6,380 Dark Souls

Epic anything: 19,939 Dark Souls

Legendary anything: 49,846 Dark Souls

Soul Catchers:
X2: 750 Diamonds

X3: 2000 Diamonds


Grey: 80 Dark Souls

Green: 638 Dark Souls

Blue: 1,994 Dark Souls

Purple: 7,477 Dark Souls

x10: 1,396 Dark Souls

x50: 6,630 Dark Souls

x100: 12,840 Dark Souls

x250: 31,054 Dark Souls

Various Rewards:

Adepts Chest: 2,592 Dark Souls

Master’s Chest: 9,172 Dark Souls

Random Resident: 1,794 Dark Souls

I think that’s all the costs/level maxes/storage capacities.

If I left one off, please comment below and I can add/edit.

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Artifact Compendium!? WHATTT

A lot of questions/views I get are in regards to Artifacts.  I decided to make a book, or compendium of sorts. You can view it here or by the menu at the top of the page.

It is sorted by Level, and that’s it.  It is a work in progress.  A huge shoutout to Pals and Jango from my clan (Belhaven) for helping to get screenshots.

Please keep in mind, this is a work in progress.  It will be updated as I see new ones.  If you want to help, send screenshots of what you see to with the subject “Hustle Castle Artifact”, and I will add them every few days.

Hope this helps!


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April Fools Day event!

The April fools day is here.  It’s my least favorite type of event.. the spin for tokens (Candies) event.

Screenshot_20190401-091915_Hustle Castle.jpg

This event has Grav back again.  The only thing worth getting out of this event are the daggers.  I spent roughly 2k diamonds in spins, and got all 3 things.  The daggers are pretty awesome.  The artifact, I use, but only because I don’t have a better one right now.  The jester outfits are fun as well.

This one is pure randomness though, you get candy for completing events, like PvP, Arena, Daily events.  You then use the candy at 100 per spin, to spin a random wheel.

Not much else to say on this one.  Here’s the loot I got from it though.

Screenshot_20190401-144518_Hustle Castle.jpg

Screenshot_20190401-144434_Hustle Castle.jpg

Screenshot_20190401-144314_Hustle Castle.jpg

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New Island Open and New Event 4/1/19! New additions to game too!

So an update happened last night.. lets start with…

New Event for April Fools!

Screenshot_20190328-090051_Hustle Castle.jpg

I don’t know why April Fools is a event/holiday, but I won’t question it. I’m looking forward to it. No idea what format it will be, but hopefully it’ll have awesome loot.

New Island and Campaign!

I was a big fan of the campaign because I played this game for quite some time before even knowing what clans were\did. They even have some funny chat in it, so I can’t wait to see. It seems like they’ve put it lots if campaign checkpoints. 30 in the first one.

Other bonuses? Arena points for watching videos. I could do this 3 times for 100 each at TR10.

Apples for ad watching!?!? Yes please

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Bans are going out for cheaters. ‘Lazy Castle’ – getting unbanned

Note: I HAVE NOT BEEN BANNED.  This is not my screenshot. I got it off Reddit.

Update at the bottom of a player who was banned, who is now not banned – and they got free diamonds as an apology.


Wait – what’s going on? Permaban wave?

Yeah. Pretty much.  A lot of accounts that were cheating are being banned right now.  They started mass bannings on 3/26 to kick people who are using a hack called ‘Lazy Castle’.

What is ‘Lazy Castle’? What does it do?

Lazy Castle is a hack of Hustle Castle.  It works by installing a different APK (that’s android/iPhone software).

Why would they ban you for this?

Simple.  It’s cheating.  The benefits gained from this hack are as follows:

  • Speed up battle without premium
  • Show ability cooldown
  • Show equipment power of other players
  • Duel without Arsenal Defense
  • Show change opponent cooldown
  • Precalculate PvP, PvE, Arena, Portal, and Gem Bay battles, this will help prepare to use spells, or let you know if you should choose a different opponent
  • Restart a battle if you’re about to lose
  • Buy HUGELY discounted chests from Arena Store

Why would these lead to bans?

Well, keep in mind.. this game is designed to make money, some form of money.  Stuff like “Speed up battle” is a premium (pay) for feature. So if you’re removing money from the game, they’re going to ban you.  Some of these are relatively innocent, like the timers.  The hugely discounted chests though are a big problem.  You’d be able to gear out at a new TR pretty quick using this cheat.

Some examples were the TR 10 Arena chest going for 4k arena points, instead of 39600.

What to do if you were banned erroneously?

I’m sure this HAS happened, though I doubt it happened frequently.  You can contact support if this happened to you erroneously, but be warned, detecting cheaters in a game is fairly simple to do, especially when you’re connecting into a game server with different version software than they have released.  If you got this message, you probably deserved the ban.

Update below of a player who was banned, they submitted a ticket, now they’re back in:




Also – it appears he was gifted some Diamonds, as an ‘Apology’…


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New story mode looks like it’s coming soon!

More map spaces!

So if you’re like me, you don’t ALWAYS notice things right away… However on the map screen, there is a new set of land masses that are locked. If you click on one, you get the message that this will be available in one of the next updates.

I like how the campaign is expanding. More content is better, I’m almost positive they’ll release a new event and some cool looking gear with it.excited to see what they do.

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My Team Update (3/15/19)

My last team update post was about 2 months ago, so I figured I’d update it as there have been some big changes.

Main Changes

I went from TR9 (Throne room) to TR10. I used diamonds to buy the trinket from the event, and boost one of my guys to 100 so I could use it.  This, accompanied with the gear from the event left me with a damage mage.

I was 2 Archers, 2 Rez Mages, 1 Tank, 1 Assassin.  I now am 1 Archer, 2 Rez Mages, 1 tank, 1 Assassin and 1 Damage Mage.  The damage mage is interesting.  I’ve noticed not a lot of people stack magic damage defense gems on tanks, so he ends up hitting pretty hard according to the stat breakdowns after fights he’s usually putting in around 30% DPS.  This could also be the fact he’s my only 100 in a team of 85’s.

Also, We broke 2 million squad power. My last update we were at 1.9 Million squad power.  We’re now at 2,117,374. #BooYeah

Screenshot_20190315-102628_Hustle Castle.jpg


So the main difference in my squad is really the change from 2 arches to 1 damage mage 1 archer.  I love the teleport trinket.  Makes my mage hit really hard.  A lot of times, that teleport will trigger near the same time as my assassins, and they destroy the back lines quick.  It’s a good combo.  Once I get an assassin to 100, I probably will change it to him, but for now, the only player I have who can use it is my damage mage.

Screenshot_20190315-101457_Hustle Castle.jpg
This thing is bae.

What’s next?

I need to upgrade all my gems still, but now that I’m TR 10, Getting guys to 100, then seeing what gear s available in Arena store will dictate my team build for a while, but I’ll update with any changes.

The Team:

Basically all of them are the same, except for gem changes, and the DAMAGE MAGE AT THE BOTTOM MWAHAHAAAA.

I like the names I chose.. CeejTank is me.  But the rest are cool similar characters to their class.  Archer = Legolas, Mages = Moraine (Wheel of time Series) Gandalf (Lord of the Rings)

Tank: He’s basically the same.  Some Gem upgrades, and the skin change.


Rez Mages:







Damage Mage: